Friend or Bot? Phony Gamers Leave Players Feeling Betrayed – WSJ

xxx It turns out that seven of the 10 most-played mobile games employ bots, according to app-analytics firm Sensor Tower Inc. At the start of 2016, it was one out of 10, the firm said. “Words with Friends” draws a particularly social crowd, and many players felt betrayed after learning they have been spending their […]

Netflix Explores a Version With Ads as Subscriber Base Shrinks – WSJ

xxx The company blamed password sharing among its members and increased streaming competition for pressuring revenue growth. Netflix estimated that besides its almost 222 million paying households, the service is being shared with an additional 100 million homes including 30 million in the U.S. and Canada. From Netflix Explores a Version With Ads as Subscriber […]


Speaking at the recent FS Club seminar on “Authorised Push Payment Fraud Inoculation – The Curious Resistance To Confirmation Of Payee With The Curious Example Of The UK”, John Bertrand (who has 30 years experience in banking and technology at Citibank, FIS Global and SAP) went into the catastrophic rise on instant payments fraud in the UK […]

International Identity Day optimism

Another September 16th, another International Identity Day (IID) is upon us and nothing has changed. We still waste billions of man hours navigating ridiculous identity roadblocks while the criminals skip over the sleeping policemen to loot with impunity. Well, maybe something has changed. While we may be no nearer calculating the costs of having a digital identity […]